We Made it Through Florida and Some More States

Tour has been moving right along and we are currently in Norman, Oklahoma taking in the aromas of Gray Owl Coffee shop where we will be setting up shop and playing our tunes to tons of nice people… hopefully.  Shows have been going pretty well thus far and we got a great opportunity to get some beach time and swim in the ocean.  Swimming in the ocean is something that I try to do every time we are on tour.  One reason for this is because I enjoy the ocean, but it is mostly because the ocean is so far from Indiana that once I get an opportunity to be inside of it I get to remember that I am far from home, traveling in a mini-van, playing rock and roll music.  I just let the waves roll over my body and all the frustration of bad shows, no crowds, miles upon miles upon miles crammed in a mini-van with 6 other people sort of go away.  However, our second beach day was surprisingly interrupted by a show opportunity that took us quickly to Tampa, to an outside craft beer bar where we once again stripped down our set and played a nice quiet version of The Dead Records.  The owner and bar manager of the place, which was called The Independent, were extremely accommodating to us and I was able to drink a bunch of delicious craft beers.  Chuck got caught into a conversation about amps, pedals and every other sort of gear and was stuck for a few hours.  I say, “stuck” even though I am pretty sure Chuck would have stayed their all night talking about tubes and transistors if we didn’t have to sleep.  So our first Florida trip, which lasted roughly 6 shows, was pleasing.  I am excited to go back to Florida… oh shit, I almost forgot to mention the highlight of Florida, HAIL DALE.  Hail Dale is a band who hosted us at a bar, which turned into them hosting us at their house after I basically told them we didn’t have a place to stay.  They were a great rock and roll band who did a great job promoting the show and making it the best show we have played on tour so far.  As we were sitting in the bass players apartment he mentioned in passing that they happened to live about a 5 minute walk from a sandwich place that first is called Munchies 420 Café and second has been on Man vs. Food.  Jimmy perked up, I perked up and we both agreed that we would be on our way at 3:30 in the morning.  We ate giant sandwiches that probably housed about 6000 calories and proceeded to pass out at Hail Dale’s house.  Thanks to those guys for throwing us a show that was packed full of people who were genuinely into music.  As I said we are playing a little coffee house gig tonight so pray we blow the doors off this place and teach these Norman, Oklahoma coffee drinking folks what Midwestern rock and roll is all about.


Connecticut, Can You Hear Me?

We made our way East and are currently at a McDonalds loitering and using free internet.  We made a new first for ourselves by playing with a freak/sideshow act.  Fire swallowing, sword juggling, lifting chairs with eye sockets, lighting off firecrackers in a metal bucket with one’s balls… just a normal Monday night.  This happened at Rondout Lounge in Kingston, NY.  Something else that happened is that I was able to enjoy a Three Philosophers by Ommegang brewery, local to Cooperstown, NY, home of the Baseball Hall of Fame, where we were before.  Anyway the beer was delicious.  The last few shows have been slow, but that is to be expected early in the week.  We are staying with our friend Javiar and he is being very hospitable.  He has made us two meals and let us basically take over his basement.  Tonight we are playing yet again in CT at Snapper McGees and will be heading to Brooklyn, NY after the show.  What this means is that if you feel compelled to tweet us at 3:00 in the morning we will be on the road heading to the big beautiful city of New York.  We are excited to continue playing shows through the country and hopefully make some new friends.

– Sean

p.s. didn’t have lots of time to make this thing happen so it is short.  I apologize.

Ladies and Gentleman, The Rock is in the Building

For those of you who do not understand the title of this post, it is a Jay-Z reference.   But why would I be using a Jay-Z reference as the title of one of our posts you might ask?  First of all because Jay-Z kicks ass and also because we are in New York.  The Dead Records and Laura K. Balke have made it to The Empire State.  Thanks to a website that I was unfamiliar with before Laura enlightened me called Couch Surfing, we were able to find a place to hang our hats last night in Hudson, New York.  Our new friend Daniel, who at this time is out on his porch overlooking the Catskill Mountains playing a banjo bought us some bagels and made us coffee.  I don’t drink coffee but I am pretty sure the rest of our company is very addicted to it.

We left The Rabbit in the Rye house, after those sweet folks made us a whole mess of blueberry pancakes topped with local maple syrup… maybe I am bragging about the amount of food that has been made and distributed to us and the fact that we didn’t just have any kind of Aunt Ja-whatever syrup, but syrup that had been tapped out of the trees right across the street, but why shouldn’t I?  It is great.  From the house we headed to Cooperstown, New York, home of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.  I saw the beautiful halls of the greatest men to ever play the game of baseball.  Ever heard of a little guy named Babe Ruth?  The Sultan of Swat, The King of Crash, The Great ?  Yeah, he was there.  We love sports almost as much as we love maple syrup taken out of trees 50 feet from your fork.  The trip to Cooperstown was a little scary, through mountains that at one point we were actually not sure if the old van, AKA Barb, Margaret and Silver Bullet was going to make it.  Laura was freaking out, Chad was hung over, Zachary was hiding his eyes, Jimmy was driving in every gear that the van has to offer, Taylor was smoking cigarettes and I was laughing thinking how the last moments of our tour were going to be spent coasting backwards down a mountain in New York all to see a little metal plaque with Babe Ruth’s face frozen in time.

But of course we have made it to Hudson, New York.  We are at our new couch surfing friends house and we are all huddled around a kitchen table stuffing our faces with bagels and putting this WIFI to extremely good use.  Jimmy is a little under the weather so he is resting his ugly mug and trying to get better before we play in Kingston, New York this evening which I am sure will bring a whole new world of stories and adventures.  Talk to you all very soon.


p.s.  Zachary officially has a new tour nickname.  “ZAK ATTACK”  spelled with one k.


Tour is More Than Underway

After our little “hitch up,” pun most definitely intended, we finally got all of our shit packed in Laura’s little trailer, the rest of our shit packed in my little van and we headed to Columbus.  The show in Columbus was a good way to start the tour, lots of interested folks, a really great bartender and a good show.  Zach is slowly getting used to using my inferior drum set, at least that is what he says, but I am pretty sure he is just making excuses as to why he isn’t rocking as hard as I am.   Regardless of that I would say that LKB and Company and TDR were meant to tour this country together as one big great family.  We have since tackled shows in Akron, OH and last night Hamilton, NY.  While in Akron we were able to catch up with some friendly faces and stay two whole days with our good friend Dalin and his woman Slim.  Those people in Ohio are the best folks around… they always treat us in the best manner and we always feel welcomed there.

Last night we pulled into Colgate University, which after some research we found out is a really expensive school to attend and part of the Ivy League.  We played in an area that after some more research, we do lots of research when on the road, we found out usually hosts magicians and like acts.  However last night they were in store for a little rock and roll show and all the people there were very attentive and interested in what we had to offer.  One guy told us that they usually don’t have music like ours up that way so that was quite a compliment.  Sooooooooooooo far so good.  We are out on the road, kicking ass and driving thousands of miles.  See you soon.  By the way, I will be putting some pictures on here as soon as I can.


Tour is Off to a Not So Good Start

As many of you may have heard through our multiple social media outlets we were not able to play the show in Cleveland last night.  We have to this date NEVER had to cancel a show before, but we can not say that anymore.  We tried everything in our power to try to make the show, but it just didn’t work out.  The good news is that we are ready to go to Columbus tonight and will be bringing everybody, all our equipment and the mini van.  I guess that tour actually officially starts today so get ready for Laura K. Balke and Company and The Dead Records to be playing all over The United States this month.  I also want to apologize to anyone in the Ohio area who was planning on being at that show last night and supporting live independent music… we are very sorry.



The Last Time for Some Time

Last Saturday we played a nice little show at The Brass Rail with some bands from Ohio.  The other bands were great and I think that we played a pretty fun set as well.  What this post is about is to tell you that we have ONE more local show before we leave on a month long tour with our good friend and musical friend Laura K. Balke.  The last show will take place at O’Sullivans on the 23rd of this month.  Think of it as a tour send off show if you want to or just think of it as a really cool show that will feature Big Money and The Spare Change, Jake Simmons and The Dead Records.  This will surely be the best show in town that night.


Valentine’s Day

Did anyone send us flowers for this awesome holiday?  It really doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that we are booking a tour in April and as the days move on we get closer and closer to hitting the road again.  There is a lot to get done before then, but the dates are shaping up nicely.  Be sure to check the shows to see if we are coming to play in your town so you can come out and have some fun.  Laura told me recently that the songs have been sent off to the pressing company so we should have our 7″ sometimes in March.  If we are lucky enough we will have them before one of our local send off shows and you can get one before we leave.  Also, if you did not see the koozies, shame, shame.  We will have those sweet beer holders available from now till the end of time.  It was fascinating that when I posted about the koozies on facebook it seemed like everyone wanted to make it known that they had read that post.  No one cares about shows or albums or anythings that is really important or exciting, but when there is an alcohol accessory involved everyone wants in….. I cant blame you.


It is Cold Right?

free-energyIn a couple days from today (31st of January) we will be playing a nice little show at The Brass Rail (February 2nd).  That is what is going on in the future… now some quick updates from the past.  This last Sunday and Monday we bunked up in Laura K. Balke’s home in Indianapolis and recorded a couple new songs.  I don’t want to get into all the details, because I dont want to give away anything that the songs might offer, but Jon Autry was kind enough and patient enough to guide us through two songs and they sound like we have wanted our songs to sound like for some time.  I also learned that anyone who want to play Laura in Connect Four should be prepared to lose as many games as they wish to challenge her in and that pre questions in Guess Who make the game much more fun… We spend lots of time playing board games as well.  James ate fast food for three meals a day for two days straight and we also enjoyed Mad Dog cocktails as a night cap for the first recording session.  All together great experience.  I just now remember that I didnt even tell you why we were recording.  We are releasing a split 7″ with Laura K. Balke.  For those of you who do not know what a split is, it is when two bands (The Dead Records and Laura K. Balke and Company) are on the same album.  We will each be doing two songs.  The reason for having this split is that we are hitting the road together in April for a month long tour.  We will be sharing equipment and a van and probably alot of other weird things as well.  Come to the fucking show at The Brass Rail.