New Album

Our new album is FINALLY available.  It was great to have such a fun and amazing night to release the new music at The Brass Rail.  It was an emotional night, but I think it was good for everyone to get out and listen to some rock and roll music.  I know we were trying to play as hard as we could and I think everyone made a point to sing as loud as they could when the time came.  So if you didn’t have a chance to get the album at our show then you have a serious problem… you still don’t have all of our new songs.  The entire album will be available for download on Bandcamp today and will be available on ITunes and Spotify within a week or so.  I hope that everyone is enjoying what they are hearing out of us because I know we are enjoying what we are playing and at the next show we would love if people were singing our new songs.  We are going to keep working and keep working and work some more to get our music to as many people as possible, but for the meantime we are so happy and fortunate to have such an amazing home base to play shows.  I know this show meant a lot to us and I know that it meant a lot to many different people in different ways.  We are here to stay and as long as we are still a band we are going to continue to play hard and have fun doing it.

– see you soon


Where We Are At

As everyone who follows us as a band knows Chad Briner (Chuck) passed away two weeks ago.  Obviously Chuck had many friends and family that were and still are very depressed about how quickly and out of nowhere his death was.  It was hard to think about our band and music in the midst of the craziness that was going on, but have had time to figure out how we are going to approach The Dead Records.  Chuck was without argument the most talented musician in our band and really formed the sound that everyone will be hearing on our new self titled album.  To say we are going to replace him is insane.  Chuck will never be replaced.  We are going to be finding another guitar player who can learn Chuck’s parts from the new songs so we are able to continue to play shows with the songs that we all agree are our best yet.  It has been strange and awkward practicing without Chuck, but after talking to so many people that we have formed very strong relationships with simply through music, the general opinion is that Chuck would not want us to stop and we will not.  Unfortunately we had to cancel a couple shows that we had booked in April and have cancelled everything we had booked in May.  This was necessary, as the songs are impossible to play without Chuck and to have someone else feel comfortable with us as a band will take time.  The support from everyone throughout this whole deal has been overwhelming.  All the times spent playing empty bars, sleeping in parking lots, and eating nachos for dinner pay off when we get a chance to see the great community of musicians we have been able to become a part of.

See you soon

– Sean


As some of you may know already our next album will be self titled.  Everything is in motion and copies will be available in early May.  It has been quite an experience recording this album and we literally cannot wait for everyone to be able to hear our new songs.  Matt Riefler is one fella that I want to thank a billion times for his work on this album.  Matt has been tirelessly working on mixing our songs over the past couple weeks with the help of Robert Lugo.  These are two local guys that are very good at what they do and they have been a big part of our songs.  I plan on posting at least one song off of the new album once the mastered versions become available to me and before the physical copies become available to everyone, so be looking for that.

By the way, our last local show was so awesome.  It truly does astonish us every time we play in town and people are still there to support us and get rowdy.  Some of you have been there from the start and hopefully everyone will continue to be here to see it out.



Time to Play Again

We have not played a show for quite some time, but that is all in good reason.  We have been working very hard to get some new material written.  We will be in the studio February 9,10,16,17 to record our brand new EP.  I don’t have much to say about it other than it should be 6 of the best songs that we have written to date.  It was nice to have a solid core of four guys who really all had a say in the writing process.  We were all at the top of our creative game and I hope that can be heard in the songs.

We have two shows coming up that I am very excited to play.  It has been far too long since we have played a live show.  The first will be in Grand Rapids at The Pancake House.  We have never played at this particular house, but if it is anything like the other house shows we have played in the Michigan area it will be great.  I don’t know what it is about people from Michigan, but they still do house shows right.  We will be traveling back from Grand Rapids to play on the 22nd at the good old Brass Rail.  We will be sharing the stage with The Frankl Project and Jake Simmons and The Little Ghosts.  I have not had the opportunity to see The Frankl Project live, but they have played at The Brass Rail before and whenever I tell anyone who was at that show that they are coming to play with us in February I have gotten the same response, “Those guys are fucking awesome.”  That must be a good sign and I personally know that JS&TLG are a great live band to see, so what I am saying is make plans to come to The Brass Rail that night.  If none of that makes you want to brave this insane winter weather and come to the Brass Rail then maybe this will.  We will be playing many of our new songs as they will be fresh in our minds and instruments from recording.  It is always fun to hear some new shit.


A Little Bit About the New Record

The dates are set, we will be recording our new record On February 9,10,16,17.  We are heading back to some old grounds for us, Digitracks Studio in Fort Wayne, IN.  This was the location that we recorded And Now We Dance and Proud.  We are going to be working with a new sound engineer who will be with us throughout the entire recording process.  Matt Riefler, who recorded our most recent single, “I Want Your Money” will be the sound engineer on this whole new album.  We have written 6 brand new songs.  I know that it is basically a rule for me to tell you how excited I am about these new songs.  Why should you believe that they are any better than anything else that we have written?  I guess you don’t have to and will just have to wait and hear to pass judgment.  Seriously though, we are very excited to get these songs recorded.  We do believe that these are the 6 best songs that we have written and with the help of Matt they should sound the best as well.  I will be releasing more new record information once I have any to comment on.

I have also posted two new shows that we will be playing.  For both shows we will be joined by The Frankl Project and Jake Simmons and The Little Ghosts.  We have never played with TFP before, but they were kind enough to get ahold of us and ask if we wanted to do some weekend together so I couldn’t say no.  For those of you who have had the chance to see Jake Simmons you already know why we are playing with him again, because his band is good.  We will be playing in Fort Wayne and Grand Rapids so get your tickets…. okay, you don’t need tickets, but make plans to show up.


Tonight, July 6th, two days after the 4th of July, we are playing a show at The Brass Rail with TIMBER!!! and Contender Pretender.  Apparently this is TIMBER!!! last show at The Brass Rail so I suppose everyone ought to be there to wish them well, I mean we are going to be there doing that so why shouldn’t you.  By now everyone should know how shows at The Brass Rail go down so come out and have a great time.

We currently recorded one song with our friend Matt Riefler.  He has informed me that this song should be all wrapped up by next week so we are excited to hear what he was able to do with our music.  We have been writing diligently over the past month and have some great songs to show.  I don’t want to set any exact time when we are going to head back into the studio, but it is looking like the fall sometime.  What I do knows is that we are going to be recording another 6 song EP and we think these will be 6 of the best songs we have written to date.

I am currently working on booking some weekend shows in July.  July 12th we are playing with our good friend Jake Simmons and his band of ghosts in Kalamazoo in some house.  House shows are always great so I am expecting nothing less from this one.  The 13th we will be joining a whole gang of Indiana musicians for what is being coined Ratz Fest.  Details on that will be coming soon.  We don’t have another local shows booked after this Brass Rail deal tonight.  That doesn’t mean we are never going to play in Fort Wayne again, but if that makes it seem like you should be at the bar tonight then that works for me.

Recording Back at Home

Maybe none of us live there currently, but North Manchester is still where we all grow up and where some of us still call “home.”  Regardless of how we feel about the town, one thing is for certain, we love the firehouse.  Lucky for us we know some people who pulled some strings and we were able to have a recording session inside of the firehouse.  It took us all day, but we were able to complete one brand new song that should be available for your listening pleasure shortly.  In other quick news we have a weekday show coming up on the 11th of June.  We don’t normally play weekday shows, but we had a really nice band from Minnesota ask us to play so we decided to make an exception and bring Fort Wayne some rock and roll during the work week.  I also just heard from our good friend Jake Simmons and he is putting us on a long anticipated show to Kalamazoo, so we will be making a trip there in July.  We have been hard at work writing new songs…. it is weird how songwriting can go, we don’t really have any pressure on us, no one is telling us how to write and very little people care about how the songs turn out, but we are so committed to making the songs as good as we can possibly play.  Cant wait to start hearing the songs come to life.

-see you soon


What Is Going On

We have some business to discuss.  Actually the real problem is that I have not posted since tour and for that I apologize.  Lots of news on our end of things and now we have some shows to talk about as well.  Since we have gotten back we have arranged a little recording session with one of our friends to record one of our brand new songs.  This will hopefully lead into the recording of our brand new EP.  Enough new album talk.  We are playing this Saturday at The Brass Rail with our good friends in the band Buttonhoof.  These guys are great and were kind enough to ask us to play a show with them in Fort Wayne while they are on tour.  Joining us on that show will also be Elephants In Mud, a Fort Wayne favorite.  I always am pleased to play with EIM.  The show page should be updated so if you cant make it to the first then find another date that suits you better.  The other day I was thinking about tour and thinking about how much better tour things have gotten since the first tour TDR went on.  It has come a long way.  Tour is delightful, but it is always nice to come back home to get everything straightened out and have the opportunity to play some local shows and remind the people of Indiana that we are still hear to play rock and roll music.  In some other quick news our new EP has been getting some press, this is one of my favorites so far