Starting in the summer of 2008, Sean Richardson (drums) and Aaron Taylor (vocals and guitar) named their band The Dead Records after a conversation about the lack of intimacy in purchasing music since the digital age began.  After writing nearly six songs and booking their first show in their hometown, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Will Magley (Bass and vocals) was added to fill out the band.  Shortly after, TDR realesed their first full length, titled And Now We Dance.  TDR embarked on a month long tour all along the East Coast, in the summer of 2009, in support of And Now We Dance. 

When returning home their obvious maturity showed in the writing of new songs that would be part of their newest recording to date, an EP titled Proud.  Realizing more depth was needed to show fans the progression they had been making, Chad Briner (guitar) was added to the band and completed what is the line up of The Dead Records.  Briner helped make Proud an album that all the members are truly pleased with. 

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to TDR take the time and listen to their songs.  Better yet, take the time and see them live.  TDR strives to make their live shows the best part about the band.  They want to bring the energy and emotion they feel when writing songs, into playing them live, so every person in the crowd can feel the same emotional release.  With plans of another CD and a non stop attitude towards booking shows, TDR will have plenty of things for people to look forward to in the future.