I know, I forgot we had a website too.  As many probably already know, we have slowed our roll a bit over the past year.  Life gets really busy, opportunities present themselves, priorities start to tip the scale one way or another, and time flies by.  However, I want to take this moment, right here on this website to let everyone know that as long as Dan, James, Taylor, and myself continue to live minutes from each other, we will continue writing new music.  For those of you who are musicians, you know that it is just what you want to do, it is soothing and therapeutical to brave a new song and come out in the end with something that is appealing.  Chances are most bands probably like their music better than other bands, and I am not different, part of the reason I keep writing is because I still feel like there is a void of good, loud rock and roll music on the radio waves.

For those of you who are still listening, thanks, you are probably the ones still coming to shows and thanks for that too.  It is a good feeling to be a part of something that has gone on so long and continues to go on, I just hope we are better now then we were years ago, but who really knows.