Hey y’all,

For those of you who have seen us play the last couple shows, thanks for coming out.  You have no doubt recognized that we have added a new guitar player.  His name is Dan and he has been a friend of mine and a supporter of our band for a few years now.  I want to thank him for taking the time to seriously learn Chad’s parts from our newest album.  When I talked to him about possibly playing with us he told me that he would be very serious about learning the parts because he wanted to do justice to what Chad had written.  I had a conversation with him after the first show we played after Chad passed away, the one that we played as a three piece, and he told me he thought the show was great, but we needed those other guitar parts.  We struggled with the idea of having another guitar player in the band, but in the end we decided we wanted those songs to be heard live as they are heard on the album.  Dan is turing out to be a committed addition.  He is no stranger to life with us on the road as he spent a week with us filling in on bass when we went out East a couple years ago.  We will be moving forward with Dan, so be nice to him and spray some beer on him next time you see us play.

With that said, I want to thank everyone who has been to the most recent shows for coming out and supporting us and Dan.  The truth is, we don’t know where this band is taking any of us, or where it takes any of you, but we all love playing music and are hoping that you love hearing music.  As long as we get to be a gathering point for a drunken Saturday night for a group of friends, a reason to call some buddies to go out and have fun, we will keep on playing as long as we can.

– see you soon