Hey guys,

Wanted to let you in on a little news, we are playing at The Brass Rail on July 26th with a band called Black Actress (https://www.facebook.com/blackactresschicago)  Check them out.  Apparently The Brass Rail is throwing a block party during the day before our show, so plan your Sunday around hanging out, drinking drinks, eating food, and then listening to The Dead Records that night.

We have also just recently booked a show in Canton, OH at Buzzbin.  Buzzbin is the first place we played in Canton about 4 years ago.  It is wild to think that we have been traveling back and forth from Canton for that long of a stretch, but every mile has been worth it and we love going out there every time we get the chance.

We will be playing both of these shows with another guitar player.  Our good friend Dan, from Big Money and The Spare Change, has taken the time to learn our songs and practice with us.  Luckily he knows what it is like to be on the road with us as he spent a week filling in on bass last October when we traveled out to Boston.  He is a good guitar player and has made it a point to learn the guitar parts and play them to the best of his ability in honor of the great work that Chuck did on every song he wrote with us.

We are hoping these will be two very energetic and fun shows, so come on out and do some singing… hopefully by this time you are familiar with the new songs.  If not, do what Taylor does and make up your own lyrics.

see you soon,

– Sean