Our new album is FINALLY available.  It was great to have such a fun and amazing night to release the new music at The Brass Rail.  It was an emotional night, but I think it was good for everyone to get out and listen to some rock and roll music.  I know we were trying to play as hard as we could and I think everyone made a point to sing as loud as they could when the time came.  So if you didn’t have a chance to get the album at our show then you have a serious problem… you still don’t have all of our new songs.  The entire album will be available for download on Bandcamp today and will be available on ITunes and Spotify within a week or so.  I hope that everyone is enjoying what they are hearing out of us because I know we are enjoying what we are playing and at the next show we would love if people were singing our new songs.  We are going to keep working and keep working and work some more to get our music to as many people as possible, but for the meantime we are so happy and fortunate to have such an amazing home base to play shows.  I know this show meant a lot to us and I know that it meant a lot to many different people in different ways.  We are here to stay and as long as we are still a band we are going to continue to play hard and have fun doing it.

– see you soon