As everyone who follows us as a band knows Chad Briner (Chuck) passed away two weeks ago.  Obviously Chuck had many friends and family that were and still are very depressed about how quickly and out of nowhere his death was.  It was hard to think about our band and music in the midst of the craziness that was going on, but have had time to figure out how we are going to approach The Dead Records.  Chuck was without argument the most talented musician in our band and really formed the sound that everyone will be hearing on our new self titled album.  To say we are going to replace him is insane.  Chuck will never be replaced.  We are going to be finding another guitar player who can learn Chuck’s parts from the new songs so we are able to continue to play shows with the songs that we all agree are our best yet.  It has been strange and awkward practicing without Chuck, but after talking to so many people that we have formed very strong relationships with simply through music, the general opinion is that Chuck would not want us to stop and we will not.  Unfortunately we had to cancel a couple shows that we had booked in April and have cancelled everything we had booked in May.  This was necessary, as the songs are impossible to play without Chuck and to have someone else feel comfortable with us as a band will take time.  The support from everyone throughout this whole deal has been overwhelming.  All the times spent playing empty bars, sleeping in parking lots, and eating nachos for dinner pay off when we get a chance to see the great community of musicians we have been able to become a part of.

See you soon

– Sean