As some of you may know already our next album will be self titled.  Everything is in motion and copies will be available in early May.  It has been quite an experience recording this album and we literally cannot wait for everyone to be able to hear our new songs.  Matt Riefler is one fella that I want to thank a billion times for his work on this album.  Matt has been tirelessly working on mixing our songs over the past couple weeks with the help of Robert Lugo.  These are two local guys that are very good at what they do and they have been a big part of our songs.  I plan on posting at least one song off of the new album once the mastered versions become available to me and before the physical copies become available to everyone, so be looking for that.

By the way, our last local show was so awesome.  It truly does astonish us every time we play in town and people are still there to support us and get rowdy.  Some of you have been there from the start and hopefully everyone will continue to be here to see it out.